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Mr. Amol Ajit Ravetkar

CMD, Ravetkar Group

The prudence, enthusiasm and wise headship of the founder Mr. Amol Ravetkar has led Ravetkar Group to become one of Pune’s leading Realty ventures. His unparalleled managerial skills, perseverance and resolve for brilliance have catapulted Ravetkar Group towards progression and triumph. Well-regarded for his business acumen and modern-day management, Mr. Amol Ravetkar has carved a distinctive niche in the construction and architecture industry. In pursuit of staying ahead of the business curve, he not only keeps up with the contemporary trends in the industry, but also is on a constant lookout for prospective opportunities.

Mr. Ajit Ravetkar

The Leading Light

Through his diligence and wisdom, Mr. Ajit Ravetkar laid the strong foundations for Ravetkar Group in 1974, when he entered the business of construction. His assertiveness and determination through thick and thin have empowered the company to achieve what it has today. He challenged the odds and dared to venture into business at a time when many thought otherwise. Ravetkar Group is the magnificent manifestation of Mr. Ajit Ravetkar’s vision, inspiration and supervision.